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If you’re looking ahead to 2023, it’s important to budget now for any new row mulchers in order to be prepared for the coming year. After all, when it comes to working around your farm, vineyard or orchard, mulching is one of the most labor-intensive, time-consuming jobs you have. Mulching by hand is a tedious, slow process that involves numerous trips back and forth to the mulch pile, leading to additional headaches, time and labor.

At Millcreek, we’re committed to helping you plan and budget now for 2023. Our row mulchers are efficient, practical and versatile, and we design each model to help you reduce labor costs, save time and maximize productivity. Read on to see how our machines can help you get more work done faster and with less labor, easing the strain of time-consuming mulching!

Mini Row Mulchers

Mini row mulchers are best-suited for estate or hobby farms with cultivated fruit or vegetable crops. We specifically design these machines to help operations save time and money on labor, mainly because our mini models can easily maneuver through narrow rows. Millcreek mini row mulchers feature either tractor hydraulics or a PTO hydraulic drive, a slim, 48-inch-wide design and a heavy-duty 11-gauge, galvanized steel body. If you’re seeking a more productive, cost-effective solution for applying bulk materials in narrow rows, our mini row mulchers are the perfect solution.

Compact Row Mulchers

If you own or oversee a farm, vineyard or orchard up to 20 acres in annual cultivation, consider the benefits of our compact row mulchers. These machines are designed to help save time and money on daily mulching tasks, thanks to a heavy-duty drive system, oversized airplane tires that can easily handle heavy loads, galvanized sides and a cleated belt cross conveyor that not only provides a wider spread pattern but that also breaks apart clumpy material.

Standard Row Mulchers

Small- and large-scale growers with 50 acres or more might consider investing in a standard row mulcher for their property. These machines are designed and manufactured to tackle the toughest of mulching jobs, and they’re available in sizes ranging from 5.4 cubic yards to 9.3 cubic yards of heaped mulch. If you’re looking to plan for the upcoming year, this machine will help you boost mulching efficiency and maximize productivity, thanks to features such as adjustable discharge deflectors, a no-rot, no-rust polyethylene plastic lumber floor, a heavy-duty drive system and airplane tires for heavier loads.

Wide-Body Row Mulchers

As you look ahead to 2023, consider whether your property could benefit from a wide-body row mulcher. Designed for high-production growers and high-capacity mulching, Millcreek wide-body row mulchers can save time, labor and headaches on your daily mulching. For instance, traditional row mulching would require 58 hours of manpower to spread 300 cubic yards – but a Millcreek row mulcher can accomplish the same job in just 14 hours! Even better, our row mulchers can help to conserve water, suppress weeds and moderate soil temperature.

Ready to Learn More?

When it comes to designing and manufacturing our row mulchers, we keep affordability, durability and usability in mind. If you’re planning ahead for 2023 and looking to invest in a new row mulcher, we’re confident that we have a machine to meet your budget and needs. If you have questions about our row mulchers or you’d like assistance determining which model is best-suited for your application, contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you!

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