The Benefits of Choosing the Right Row Mulcher

When it comes to getting work done around your vineyard, berry farm, orchard or nursery, you want to make sure you have dependable and durable equipment that you can rely on to get the job done right. Inefficient and low-quality equipment can waste time and lead to costly downtime that prevents your operation from running smoothly.  

At Millcreek, we believe that a row mulcher is one of the most important pieces of equipment that you will purchase for your vineyard, berry farm, orchard or nursery. We understand the importance of having time-saving, reliable and durable equipment. The right row mulcher will save your operation time and money by reducing manpower and maximizing productivity. Our row mulchers are compact and easy to load but heavy duty enough to get the job done. Read on to find out the benefits of choosing the right row mulcher for your farm!  

4 Advantages of Choosing the Right Row Mulcher 

Save Time
Millcreek row mulchers are designed to save you time – and time is money! With our durable, reliable, time-saving equipment on the job you’ll get your mulching chores done in record time. Even better, a single laborer can fill the hopper and spread mulch throughout your property quickly and efficiently. No more crews with rakes, shovels and wheelbarrows taking hours and days to accomplish what a row mulcher can accomplish in minutes. 

Spreading mulch by hand is a job that can take days or weeks depending on the size of your property – and it’s hard work. A row mulcher allows you to get the job done quickly so you can move on to other chores or end your work day sooner. You will quickly realize how much time you can save with a dedicated mulching machine. 

Whether you are a hobbyist who owns a small nursery or a small- or large-scale grower, we have a row mulcher designed to meet the needs of your operation. With models in overall widths ranging from 53 to 85 inches, our experts can help you choose the right model to meet your unique growing and application needs. All kinds of growers have discovered how Millcreek row mulchers make it practical to apply mulch for water conservation, weed compression, soil temperature moderation and adding organic materials to soil.   

Save Effort
Nothing is worse than investing in a piece of machinery only to find out that it isn’t compatible with what you already own. All of our standard models are available in either tractor or PTO hydraulic drive, which means they work with the equipment you are already utilizing. You can power the mulcher through your tractor’s hydraulic drive if it is so equipped or you can choose a mulcher with a built-in PTO drive system that can be pulled with any tractor.  

A Millcreek row mulcher is the most versatile piece of equipment you will ever own. Not only can you choose the best model and optional features for your unique application, but you can shape the application how you want it. The directional fins adjust to control the throw distance from 0 to 8 feet, and with our unique extension conveyor you can throw material up to 35 feet from the machine. At Millcreek, our experts will help you choose the best model and options to customize your row mulcher for your unique operation. And that means you’ll spend less effort keeping the mulch flowing across your property! 

Less Hassle
Rather than investing in a crew of farm hands to spread mulch, a row mulcher only requires a single operator to get the job done. Thanks to the high-quality construction and smart design, our row mulchers can be attached to the back of your tractor or ATV, fill it with mulch and you’re off.  

Busy farms, orchards and vineyards can be hard on equipment, that’s why a warranty is an important consideration. Not all manufacturers stand behind their machines equally, but at Millcreek, we offer a two-year limited warranty and will replace any defective parts. For all of our models, the high density, polyethylene floorboards are warrantied from cracking, rotting, splitting or peeling for the lifetime of the machine. This means you can count on us to help resolve any issues you might have as you start to use your row mulcher.  

A row mulcher is a complicated machine, and even with typical everyday wear and tear you’re bound to need help with questions, service or repairs. If you’re looking for parts or service for your row mulcher, we’re standing by to help. With a variety of common parts in stock and ready to ship, and with expert technicians available to talk you through a multitude of maintenance and fixes, simply contact us for help.  

All of these considerations add up to less hassle over the life of your machine! And that means …  

More Time to Enjoy Life
Millcreek row mulchers are designed to be as user-friendly as possible, ensuring that you spend less time on chores around your farm, orchard, nursery or vineyard and have more time doing other things that you love. By purchasing a quality, durable Millcreek row mulcher, you can have the peace of mind knowing that our machines are engineered to save you time and effort in the field. 

Ready to Gain the Benefit of a Row Mulcher for Your Farm?
If you’re ready to learn how a row mulcher can help your vineyard, berry farm, nursery, orchard or agricultural business save time and maximize productivity when it’s time to mulch those long rows of crops, we’re here to help. Contact us today! Our expert staff is available to help you select the right model of row mulcher for your unique application. We look forward to hearing from you! 

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