3 Ways We Make it Easy to Service Your Row Mulcher

In order to purchase the best row mulcher for your farm, orchard or vineyard, it’s important to consider not only what you want in a machine and the features of certain models, but also how this complex piece of equipment will be repaired and serviced. At Millcreek, we design each of our row mulchers to be as easy to service as possible, and our team is always ready to help in any way we can.

Because all row mulchers will need maintenance or service at some point, it pays to choose a machine from a manufacturer who makes service and repairs easy. Keep reading for more information about what makes a Millcreek row mulcher a great investment for your orchard, farm or vineyard that’s easy to keep running at its best!

Machine Design

At Millcreek, each of our durable row mulchers is designed and manufactured with replaceable component parts, and that makes service a snap! Also, our machines are built without grease points, which is especially important when it comes to saving you time and money on routine maintenance. The days of spending hours greasing your machine are gone! Best of all, thanks to construction methods and heavy-duty materials that will not easily fall apart or break down, our Millcreek row mulchers will help you care for your vineyard, orchard or farm from one season to the next for decades not years.

Friendly Factory Help

Ultimately, no matter how well the row mulcher you purchase is built, it will need to be serviced sooner or later. So when buying a new model, make sure you choose a machine that comes with real-time service from an actual person. At Millcreek, our service process is standing by, and help is readily available when you need it. We take pride in our commitment to our customers, and our technicians are friendly, easy to access and excited to help. While our row mulcher manuals are posted online for those seeking answers on their own, if you run into trouble and need assistance, our team is happy to jump on a video chat or text/email pictures to better assist you. However we can help, we will!

Fast Replacement Parts

When you need replacement parts, we make it easy to get the items you need – fast. Simply call our friendly operators, where a real, live person will answer. We take pride in our prompt, efficient and accurate customer service that will get you back on track. We know our machines inside and out, and we can work with you to identify the right part, place your order and get your operation back in business as quickly as possible. Should you require additional assistance, we’re also available via Zoom or FaceTime!

Ready to Invest in a New Row Mulcher?

If you’re considering purchasing a new row mulcher for your vineyard, orchard or farm and you’d like to learn more about our machines, contact the team at Millcreek today. Our high-quality, durable row mulchers are not only easy to use but even easier to service. 

Whether you’re ready to select a new model or you’d like to get answers to your questions first, our team of friendly, experienced technicians is standing by to help in any way we can. Contact us today for more information. We look forward to hearing from you!

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