3 Ways a Row Mulcher Can Help You Maximize Productivity

If you own a vineyard, berry farm, orchard or nursery, you know how time consuming the process of mulching between rows can be. That’s why a row mulcher is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment you can own for your operation. Not only can it efficiently deposit mulch and other bulk materials, but it will save your operation time and money by reducing manpower and maximizing productivity.  

Read on to learn how the versatility of a Millcreek Row Mulcher can help you maximize productivity.  

A Robust Side Discharge Mulcher for Just About Any Application
Whether you need precision mulch spreading to keep your grapes happy and healthy or multiple adjustments for mulching between long or narrow rows of trees or crops, our versatile side discharge mulchers will make your life easier.   

Millcreek Row Mulchers are engineered to let you easily make adjustments while handling various materials and conditions such as particle size and moisture content to maintain consistency from load to load. Our dual discharge system allows bulk materials to flow from both sides simultaneously, but one or both flows can be independently turned on and off as needed. From mulch to drop to side spreading, our robust dual discharge system helps you get the job done by reducing trips, aisle turns and speeding up application.  

Custom Options to Suit Your Unique Needs
At Millcreek, our experts will help you choose the best model and options to customize your row mulcher for your unique operation. We’ll also help you shape the application to work how you want it to work.  

Are you a nursery that uses large containers? The optional pot filler attachment eliminates this back-breaking work so you can easily and quickly fill large nursery containers without spilling. Do you need to maneuver up and down a hilly terrain? Our optional tandem axle provides less soil compaction with improved stability on steep inclines. Do you need to spread mulch from a distance to reach under low hanging branches? Our optional conveyor extension provides an addition 5’ to 6’ of reach with an adjustable angle that can spread mulch from 20’ to 25’ feet away.  

Multiple Sizes for any Size Operation
Perhaps you are hobbyist who owns a small vineyard with narrow rows? Our Mini Row Mulcher can help free up your time so you have more time to spend enjoying your harvest. For small- and large-scale growers our standard model can help you save time and money. Our wide-body row mulchers are engineered to meet the needs of high production growers and in for the use of organic mulches.  

With models in overall widths ranging from 53 to 85 inches, our experts can help you choose the right model to meet your unique growing and application needs. All kinds of growers have discovered how Millcreek Row Mulchers make it practical to apply mulch for water conservation, weed compression, soil temperature moderation and adding organic materials to soil.  

Ready to Discover How a Millcreek Row Mulcher Can Help You? 
At Millcreek, we understand that specialized equipment has to pay for itself. It needs to versatile, rugged and durable to get a solid return on investment. Contact us today to discover the unsurpassed versatility of a Millcreek Row Mulcher. Our experts will help you choose the right model and options for your unique operation. We look forward to hearing from you.  

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