Factors To Consider When Choosing a Row Mulcher

If you’re looking to purchase a new row mulcher for your farm, orchard or vineyard, selecting the right machine for your needs requires a good bit of planning. Knowing what questions you need to ask and evaluating the benefits of the various models available are just a few of the things to consider before making an investment. 

Read on to learn how you can determine which row mulcher is right for your operation! And of course, our mulching experts are standing by to help too, just contact us today to discuss your needs and we’ll recommend the best machine for your application. 

5 Questions to Ask Before You Buy A Row Mulcher 

How Narrow Are Your Rows?
Mulching in  an orchard or vineyard with narrow rows requires a high level of precision, plus a narrow-body machine. The wider your rows however, the more room to maneuver your machine will have and the larger machine you’ll be able to select. Also, whether you wish to place mulch on both sides of the row at once, or on just a single side, you’ll have to consider how far the machine throws. At Millcreek, we have machines that range in size from narrow to extra-large, meaning we have a machine to fit just about any row layout..  

How Large Are Your Fields?
If you own or manage a large farm, having a large-capacity row mulcher to support your operation is important. Nothing kills your productivity more than constantly having to reload your mulcher. Our largest row mulchers are designed to make your job faster and easier by reducing trips back to home base for a refill, and increasing the speed of application. If you have a small farm, there’s no need to break the bank on an extra large machine.  That’s why we offer Mini Row Mulchers and Compact Row Mulchers that are a cost-effective, productivity-enhancing choice for smaller vineyards and farms. 

Where Do You Need to Place Mulch?
Before choosing a row mulcher, you should determine how you need to deliver your mulch for maximum productivity. At Millcreek, our row mulchers can be configured for dual discharge spreading to reduce trips over the same wheel tracks, reduce aisle turns and speed up application. Drop spreading is perfect for applications between rows. The operator simply needs to remove the side conveyor and material drops at the front between the wheels. In addition, side spreading is ideal for aisles or drip lines for small trees. If you need to cover a larger area, remote spreading or distance spreading is perfect for large farms or orchards. We offer an optional conveyor extension that adds 5′ to 6′ reach, and an adjustable angle that allows spreading up to 25′ feet away. Best of all, some of our spreaders can be reconfigured on the fly, allowing you to use multiple spreading applications for your operation. 

What Is the Warranty?
Busy farms, orchards and vineyards can be hard on equipment, that’s why a warranty is an important consideration. Not all manufacturers stand behind their machines equally, but at Millcreek, we offer a two-year limited warranty and will replace any defective parts. For all of our models, the high density, polyethylene floorboards are warrantied from cracking, rotting, splitting or peeling for the lifetime of the machine. This means you can count on us to help resolve any issues you might have as you start to use your row mulcher. 

How Responsive is the Manufacturer?
A row mulcher is a complicated machine, and even with typical everyday wear and tear you’re bound to need help with questions, service or repairs. That makes it important to look for a manufacturer that is available to help, and responsive when you call. At Millcreek, we have technicians standing by who can jump on the phone to answer your questions, plus we have a variety of common parts in stock and ready to ship. Our expert technicians will even walk you through a variety of maintenance tasks and repairs. In many cases, we can help you get going again with minimal disruption.  

Ready to Buy a New Row Mulcher?
If you’ve answered the questions above, and feel that our machines would benefit your operation, contact us today! We pride ourselves on the value and quality we offer to our customers and we look forward to helping you choose the best machine for your farm. We look forward to hearing from you! 

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