Mini Row Mulcher

Starting at $9990
Mini Row Mulcher

Model 204

  • Product width 48"
  • For vinyards with narrow rows
  • All standard features
  • Hydraulics operate from tractor
  • Millcreek Warranty

This narrow body Row Mulcher is ideal for growers with hobby farms or on estates with cultivated fruit or vegetable crops. The Mini is also the perfect choice for applying bulk material to narrow row vineyards.


  • 11-gauge, galvanized steel body on heavy channel chassis
  • Cleated Belt Cross Conveyor helps assist in wider spread pattern and breaks up clumpy material
  • Galvanized sides; industrial powder coat on chassis and frame
  • Tractor Hydraulic Drive
  • Heavy-duty Drive System
  • Hydraulic Drive Variable Speed Conveyor
  • No-rust, no-rot polyethylene plastic lumber floor, lifetime warranty
  • Adjustable Discharge Deflectors for precise control of spread pattern and width
  • Apron Chain T-Rod
Model 204
Capacity Struck 2.1 yd3
Capacity Heaped 2.9 yd3
Max. Payload 2,500 lbs.
Overall Width 48"
Overall Length 10'- 6"
Loading Height 5'-5"
Body Width 27"
Weight 1,050 lbs.
Apron Chain T-Rod
Hydraulic GPM 5
Required HP 18*

* Follow tractor manufacturers specifications for towing and weight limits. Most models available in either tractor or PTO Hydraulic drive.


Berry Crop Farms

Retain moisture, suppress weeds, balance soil acidity

  • Soil mixtures
  • Wood chips
  • Compost


Reduce chemical input

  • Organic mulch
  • Compost

Orchards / Citrus

Improve soil, reduce chemical input

  • Organic mulch
  • Wood chips
  • Compost


Build soil & plant health

  • Mulch
  • Soil mixtures
  • Humus / Compost
  • Pot filling
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